Is an MBA still worth it in 2020?

The Question on a lot of students’ mind is, is the MBA still worth it, in 2020?

Some will argue yes it is and others absolutely not. The thing about the MBA is that it should be experiential and students should be allowed to network and collaborate and interact and work on business projects together. With Covid-19 and with many schools pushing the MBA online, students might want to hold off on attaining this expensive degree until 2022, when things have hopefully returned to some form of normality.

Some high profile companies have paused the hiring of MBAs and some have cancelled summer internships for now. This is a temporary situation, but what this means is that new MBA grads will be competing against people who have work experience.

The disruption in the economy such the covid-19 epidemic just spells that students must be equipped to deal with economic changes right now and to strategise in an ever-changing world, which means that students have to look for those answers outside of their business text books. Which then begs the question again, is he MBA then worth it?

I believe the MBA is still worth it. If students can find work that will not be outsourced or can not be easily replaced by robots and algorithms then they should be fine. The MBA has also produced a lot of entrepreneurs and consultants and I think that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future. And with companies still keen on hiring new grads, perhaps the old MBA hasn’t lost its mojo just yet.

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