Post-Lockdown. It’s an Employers Market

It is a fact that the corona virus has left many millions of people unemployed worldwide, 36 million in the US alone. While many may be able to get their jobs back, the vast majority will have to start all over again. This has already made the job market super competitive, with employers now able to take their pick of the litter.  What does this mean for candidates? It’s a double edged sword really. Candidates now have to up their game by increasing their skills, making career changes and even getting more education. But, this does come at a price. So those who can afford to make such changes are okay, but what about those who lost their income and savings during this time? It’s a harsh and bitter reality.

While most industries are having headaches, the ones that are thriving are education and remote learning, remote work, grocery deliveries and  entertainment (gaming). Companies such as Amazon and Alibaba continue to thrive and hire despite the grave economic setback.

But the lessons we can take from the pandemic, is to definitely manage our finance better.  That emergency fund that you keep hearing about, makes sense now, doesn’t it? However, more than this, if anything we have learned that we need to constantly improve our skills, stay updated with the skills required for our industry and we need to keep learning. Now is as good a time as ever to do so.

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