If this is the future of travel, I’d rather stay at home

T he question many have asked is what now for travel? Is it the end of the road for the backpacker traveling freely to the most fascinating corners of the world? Or for those annual sunny, lazy holidays in Thailand or Bali? What about the romantics heading off to Africa on safari or the pristine isles of the Maldives? Where do we stand?

We will travel again, that’s the good news. The bad news is travel as we know it, is over.

Perhaps one of the most obvious changes to travel will be what is known as “touchless travel.” Strict cleaning protocols simply isn’t enough as infection can still be caused by exchanging documents and touching surfaces through check-in, border control and security. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) automation across the entire sector will become the new norm. We can now look forward to contactless fingerprints, iris and face recognition. Voice recognition, gesture control and touchless document scanning technologies are currently being tested.

But wait, it gets interesting. IATA has allegedly… read the entire article here

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