How to get a company to hire you. Here are our four tips

Okay so we have all made peace with the fact that it is an employers market. Competition is stiff and is likely to be so for the next two years. Getting hired now is not going to be so easy, but here are some tips on how you could catch the eye of an employer.

1. Social media is your best friend right now. And more specifically Linkedin. 

By this we don’t mean you have to spend hours on social media, but the time you do spend there has be meaningful and productive. Take the time build or rebuild your profile, scrub any content you don’t want a potential employer to see. And with the way things are looking on the job front right now, you might want to work on getting some references together. The best reference of course would be someone who is connected to the company you are applying to.

2. Focus on the industries that are hiring right now

We know that many industries have been hard hit, but governments around the world are trying to ease the pain somewhat by hiring staff in government-related positions. Customer service, warehouse workers, healthcare workers and accountants are still in demand. Scour the internet and find positions that matches your experience. For example if you were a marketing professional in the airline industry, you might be able to apply that experience to the pharmaceutical industry.

3. If you land an Interview

If you’re one of the lucky ones to land a job interview, you may want to practice responses beforehand and anticipate the type of questions interviewers may ask. Put your best foot forward, smile and let your personality come across well from the other side of the screen. As many jobs are now home-based, you might want to boast about your best work-from-home strategies and practices.

But our most important tip of all is to “do what you have to do.” Business as usual is a thing of the past. It’s adapt or die. If you have to work in a retail job to keep the cash flow flowing, then do so. If you have to work a temporary job until the pandemic runs its course, do so. But remember to keep updating your skills and investing in yourself. Now, more than ever.

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